How to choose a good Watermelon

Ever wondered how to choose the best watermelon of the lot. Don’t worry you are not alone. Try out tips to choose the best watermelon.












1. Shape and Size

The shape and sizeĀ of the fruit is very important. Look for a symmetrical and solid watermelon with no dents cracks or soft spots.


2. Weight

Watermelons are mostly made of water. When you put a good watermelon in a bucket of water , a small part of it should float on the surface. A mature watermelon has about 92% of water. Compare two watermelons of equal size and choose the heavier one. The heavier one will have water and will be sweet.


3. Color

Matte of dark green is the color of a perfectly ripe watermelon. Avoid the shinny ones.


4. Yellow spot on the skin

The area where the watermelon is supported needs to be yellowish in color. If the watermelon is picked to early you wouldn’t find this spot. Better to avoid watermelons which do not have this spot.

5. Knocking

Many people say that this method is perfect to discover if the melon is ripe or not. The secret is in sound analyzing. If the watermelon is immature it will have a deeper tone.


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